Friday, April 08, 2005

The Lazy Blogger's Battle with his Backyard

Yeah Yeah ..haven't posted in aweek. That's bad.
Work continues to remain work. Couple of good days, a few horrid ones , Friday is good no matter what happens on Friday. I just want to get back home for the weekend.
I continue to fight my lone battle with my backyard. See the neighbors have paid about 800-1000 dollars to sod their backyard i.e. instant grasshood. My lawn remains one of the few that do not have a nice lush green backyard. The other unsodded laws will soon be sodded because none of those people have the patience to seed. That really leaves ours as the only home in a few weeks' time with very little grass growing in the backyard. I seeded last year with little success. I seeded early this year and the success rate of that is hard to tell. I did not use starter fertilizer so the germination rate is slow and seeds die out too. Not to mention the stupid rains that wash away quite a LOT of seed.
Tomorrow is attempt 3 of 3. After that, I'm off to get it professionally seeded. For tomorrow's attempt, the idea is to put down seed, then starter fertilizer and then a nice layer of topsoil that binds the fertilizer and seed together. Then hose the whole thing down so that it gets clamped into the ground. That should do multiple things for me. First, the seed won't get washed away even if it rains. Secondly, the fertilizer will ensure quick germination or at least faster germination than what I've got now. Thirdly, the amount of seed I am going to use is really more than what I need, so that'll hopefully offset seedlings that die off. Today is April 8th. I'll be posting a lawn picture here soon. Then in three weeks, I'll be posting the "after" picture to see if it's made any difference whatsoever. We shall see where this goes.
Noddy and I have booked a vacation to the Outer Banks. It's a great place with nothing but beaches ... an amazing view of the Atlantic ocean from there. I think it's going to be a whole lot of fun.


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So, what happened?
Did it work?

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