Saturday, May 07, 2005

Accurate ... but highly stupid answer

Friday evening, we go to Marion's Piazza for ...what else?

The place is crowded and noisily full of teens, most of them dressed in a baseball outfit of some school team. Then there's the crew that accompanies every kid to the game - the mother, the sister, an annoying crying and drooling little brother and the mini-van. It felt like a shelter house for a brief moment before I realized that I was going to pay for food here and I wanted to eat what they were serving. Those were key differentiating factors obviously.

Anyway, Noddy and I ended up gettting a pizza and a drink. Half way through our delicious and hot meal, I realized that the drink was empty. Now, if we're eating at a place where I'm not sure about free refills on drinks, I always go and ask before heading to the counter and demanding a refill. And here's that conversation:

Me: Umm..excuse me.

Uniformed crew member with large tray full of ice: (Says nothing , ignores me).

Me: (Waiting for him to do the needful with all that ice and then..) Hi ... do you guys provide free refills on drinks. I've got a coke and needed a refill.

Uniformed crew member: (extremely cheerfully and in a warm tone) Sure we do Sir. No problem. The only thing is we will charge you full price, like as if you were buying another drink.

Me: (Too dumbfounded to say anything other than..) Thank you. (and then I walk away).

Now which part of this conversation was too difficult for him to understand. If you provide me free refills and you charge me as much as another drink, then maybe you do a little jig and dance a bit near the table before I get the refill. I don't know. It could also be that I might get a 10% discount coupon for my next meal just for reusing my drink glass and doing my bit to save the environment. I'm desperately trying to come up with reasons why a restaurant might want to instruct their waiters to say that to customers. I am also desperately trying to come up with reasons as to why the waiters wouldn't question the logic behind such a business choice.


Blogger Will said...

Hmmmm---maybe since you asked him if they provided free refills and he said yes, the refill was actually free, but it was the providing that cost the money. Like shipping and handling with those CD clubs.

Then again, maybe he was just a thief and he runs this racket all night, pocketing money of the people he can confuse in to paying him for a free refill.

Either way, I think you should go over and tell him that your big brother will beat him up unless he gives your money back.

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, when you have children you might think differently.

So ... go to another restaurant!

4:05 PM  

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