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Just so you know where I stand....


I don't particularly care for religions (including mine). My friends include believers and non-believers. I don't consider someone backward if they believe in a particular religion and I don't consider someone progressive if they're non-believers either. Religion to me is an attribute that someone chooses to have. I do however discourage people from letting religion come in the way of rational judgements. For the record, I do go to the temple and do believe in talking to someone inside me. Call it what you want. If you believe there's one God and yours is the chosen One - good for you and I'm happy for you.


First and foremost, I have no voting rights in this country. So Democrats can't hate me for electing Bush. For those who really care - I think Bush has done some pretty stupid stuff but I heard all three debates and almost every speech that Kerry gave on TV. My problem was this - with Bush I could tell he's ignorant. With Kerry - I can't ... he was too artificial and I couldn't see enough to feel comfortable. Edwards was just a bad choice for VP. He reminded me of the used car salesman at the local dealership here. So in either case ....sorry I didn't vote them in or vote them out so you can't hold that against me.


Yeah no problems here either. Feel free to choose your own partner. However, I would highly discourage my kids to go that route simply because of the practical implications that it has on relationships and family. This has nothing to do with moral values. I think quite a few people in this country have a long way to go in terms of moral values before they even get to being gay or lesbian. If I had a gay friend ... well so be it. I wouldn't be his friend because it's fashionable to have a gay friend and I wouldn't not be his friend just because he's gay.


America has two choices - close the doors on immigrants or open them. With Mexico and Canada as borders, it's rather hard to do that. I can understand if you had Russia up North and China on the South. Yeah then I would probably have a 10 foot wall with electric fences and day-night monitoring. But trust me ... a few Canadians here and there won't make a difference. If you're so concerned about Mexican immigration, I suggest you take over that country quietly overnight. It's smaller than Iraq and Afghanistan. Moreover it won't be too hard and you will find very few Mexicans against that idea anyway. They'll be happy if you don't make them cross the border illegally and instead the border legally crosses them.


So if you're thinking that India, China and Philippines are the axis of economic evil and are conspiring to take your jobs away, you're a little off the target. Actually ... your companies are the ones who are sending those jobs there. Think about it for a minute. Do you actually believe that companies from those three countries come here and BULLY corporate giants like Intel, IBM, Microsoft and others to send jobs there. Nope. Plain truth is they're doing it because it's cheaper. Why is it cheaper? Because labor is cheaper. Why is labor cheaper? Because we got too many people willing to work and are without work. Labor markets are always based on demand/supply. If you had 100 million Americans out of work, labor would be pretty cheap here pretty quick as well. So it's basically a matter of economics. Companies from expensive labor countries are outsourcing to companies of cheap labor countries. Trust me - it's for the better. With back-office and call-center type jobs out there , you can do something more respectable here.

Sorry if I scare a few blogger friends away....I just wanted to go on the record on some cornerstones of my thought process.


Blogger Archana said...

Religion : I'm kind of developing the same feeling nowadays
Politics : I heard that Bush wants to make blogging illegal..after reading this, I dont wonder why!
We've got the right to vote here in UK and I was puzzled when they sent me a voting card...I didnot vote though.
Gay/Lesbianism : No disagreements! Do what you want to!
Immigration : no idea!
Outsourcing : Couldnt agree better!
Nice to know what you think...

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Smita said...

Hey, Saw your pictures they are very cool. looks like you guys had a good vacation. I wanted to make some comments about your notions on gays and lesbians. The first and foremost mistake most people make is that they believe that Gays are gays by choice....just to clarify..they are not..Just like even if you try you can't become gay and the same applies for them...So if your children are born with GLB orientation, tough luck...trying to change them will not be very beneficial,,but working on your own homophobia might be...
The other notion that being gay is equivalent to not having a family is again a myth made popular by us Heterosexuals...and we tend to believe that only a man and a woman can create a family paradise...look around many of us fail miserably...and just like some of us even gays make equally loving and good parents and excellent source of support for each other....I know 2 GLB couples and I tremendously respect them for what they have acheived, even in this world that hates them....
I am not saying that all GLB people are excellent...similarly as all heterosexuals are not god's gifts to don;t get me wrong on that...but respecting and accepting people and their choices without having negative reactions to them is what I am propagating for,,
I am a big supporter for GLB marriages as I believe that irrespective of your sexual orientaione everyone has a right to family life and share love with who ever they want....and we heterosexuals make it immpossibly difficult for them....

1:44 PM  
Blogger Archana said...

I would like to know your reaction on Smita's comment.....the topic is quite intricate.

2:15 PM  
Blogger Sheeshers said...

Smita .. interesting viewpoint. However, my childrens' orientation won't stop me from warning them about challenges with same sex marriages. Forget Bush - I really don't try to listen that much when he talks anyway - but I somehow feel that I might be at a loss to help my lesbian daughter who broke up with her female partner after marrying her and then no one knows who should get maternal rights to the child. Like I said ...lets talk practical situations. Who cares about what Bush thinks. Today, if a couple divorce - the child had one mother, one father and the question is who gets the custody. In case of a lesbian couple, the child has two mothers and no father so even before we talk about who gets custody, we're at "Who gets maternal rights". See that's a little bit more complicated to me. And that's the kind of thing that I'd like to avoid if possible.

If my daughter is a lesbian, well i'm not going to stop loving her or love her less because of that. My job as a father still remains to throw all caution flags out that I honestly feel and then support her through whatever choice she wants to do.

Good to hear your thoughts though.

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Smita said...

I am really glad to hear that you are willing to support your daughter and at the same time caution her to the problems. Yes, I am really looking for the support piece, which many of us fail at. Just for info, custody battles between lesbian parents, are generally not present as only one parent can be the legal gaurdian, it is generally the parent who gives birth or adopts the kid. This is a serious problem, if the legal parent dies than the partner has no right over the child and the next in kin can take the kid away (even if it is a sleazy uncle who is the 3rd cousin). It is just the law and I personally think it sucks. Therefore, it is important to speak out about these issues and change the laws so couples irrespective of their sexual orientation get the custody of their kid (as in a heterosexual couple relationship) I consider myself as an ally and will like to see my friends give a serious thought about these issues. As heterosexuals and being the dominant population we have a lot to do with these oppressive laws.

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm ... where to begin.

Religion - No comment

Politics - How rude to call a leader of the free world ignorant. Maybe we should have left Iraq alone and then he could maybe invade neighboring countries. Kerry would have continued to increase taxes. Taxes that all hard working Americans pay. Kerry was bad for America. Period. Bush has made some mistakes, however can you honestly tell me that you are perfect?

Gay/Lesbian - YES IT DOES! This decays the moral fiber of America. You have NO right to judge unless you have lived here and watches the decay.

Immigration - I believe that people who want to better themselves should be allow to become a part of the "American experience." However, people just coming into this country to get an education, then leave to use it against us, suck off the of the government, should get kicked out of the country and never be allowed to come back. I am sure you do not know some of our history, however Jimmy Carter let "boat people" into this country from Cuba. These people were prisoners in Cuba. Fidel Castro dislikes the Amerincan people and "dumped" his prisons. All of these people should have been kicked out. PERIOD.

Outsourcing - Hmmm ... when you lose your job and cannot find another one, please BLOG and tell me how you feel then.

Last comment - You don't seem to think very highly of America, then why are you here?

4:01 PM  
Blogger Sheeshers said...

Ah .. the difference that literacy can make in a person's thinking. Clearly there's a difference between "anonymous"'s thinking and mine. Oh doesn't matter. We can surely co-exist.

11:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI - I am literate. :-) I just disagree with all of the people that come into America and do not pull their weight.

My last comment was out of line. Sorry.

Maybe we can discuss more sometime.

1:10 PM  
Blogger book_worm said...

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9:57 PM  
Blogger book_worm said...

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9:59 PM  
Blogger book_worm said...

I don't think Bush being ignorant has anything to do with him being a leader of the free world. The question is whether he is a good leader or not.

I think he sucks as a leader. The reason he went into Iraq is for his quest for weapons of mass destruction which never existed and also he had his own personal agenda.

I agree everyone makes mistakes but a mistake that leads to attacking a country because of reasons that never existed is not really the sign of a leader(let alone a good leader).

10:00 PM  
Blogger Sheeshers said...


By literate, I didn't mean to question your education. That would be quite a cheap shot. It's about being able to understand that you need to be able to live with people who think differently than you and not hope that they get out of this country leaving behind a hundred million like-minded thinkers. That would cause more damage to this country.

I'll tell you one thing for sure. If I could vote in the 04 elections, I would not have voted for Kerry. I have reasons for that. If I had to vote on gay marriage legalization on the ballot, I would have voted against it. If I lost my job to a lower costing Indian engineer, it would probably mean that I'd have to sell my home because I can't afford it. But I'll still continue to live and be happy because there are fundamentals that matter to me and those don't change.

Just because I'm open minded on certain issues does not make me an out-and-out liberal on them. You can see that based on the voting that I'd make had I the right to vote.

Hope we're on the same page on some of these things and on different pages on others :-)

10:08 PM  

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