Sunday, May 22, 2005

Weekend Wrap up

The week was hideously busy, however I expected it to be so. Therefore, no surprises there. Friday is such a different feeling. When we were at the University studying for our Masters program, we had classes Mon-Thursday evenings. So we would go from 4 pm to say 8 pm on a few days or from 4 pm to 6 pm on others. That's it!! It was a lot of work after those class hours but at least it was on our own time. We never had to BE somewhere from 9 to 5. Work changed it all. Weekends became precious commodities that are always wanted so badly.

Friday night (well actually Saturday morning) I didn't go to bed until 4 am. I got hungry at about 1 am so I went to Taco Bell to get some cheap Mexican food. Worked out good. Saturday was all about lazing around. I finished up all the laundry and then we headed off to the mall for browsing around. I watched Road Trip (previously watched). It's AOK, I think I've grown too old to enjoy that. Yikes!

We slept at 4 am on Sunday morning because we watched two movies back to back starting around midnight - Racing Stripes and Finding Neverland, both excellent movies that are soon to be added to our collection. After getting up near noon-time, Sunday was a lot of work. I started off by changing Mars and Oreo's bedding and cleaning out their enclosure. Then I cleaned out Spunky's water bowl. After that it was off to Home Depot for some home improvement things - a shovel, some flower disease control spray and a Scotts' lawn fertilizer spray that guarantees a greener lawn in 24 hours. Yay for stuff that claims to work so fast. Our backyard looks good but our frontyard could use some help. It's not horrible but definitely has brown patches I'd like to get rid of. After that Noddy and I were off to a park where the city of Kettering had dumped free mulch and compost for Kettering residents or taxpayers. Since we fall into the latter category...we picked up lots of mulch for our front yard. Noddy and I spent the entire afternoon trying to set things straight in the yard. It was a whole lot of fun but tiring. I really like how the yard looks now.

BTW, within this week I shall post pictures of my front yard (sodded by the home builders) and the backyard (seeded by Noddy and me). You will see that both areas still need work but are coming up fairly decently.


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