Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Awesome weather and an open theater

That's a great combo right there in the title.....

We finally got some leftover showers from hurricane Dennis (not to be confused with Dennis, my co-worker who has been mentioned in previous blogs. He can be quite a hurricane too). The showers were really nice and they reminded me more of home. While most people were cursing their luck at the rotten weather - bleak dark skies and day long drizzling - I was enjoying it. That's what Bombay monsoons are like. The rain was just heavy enough to make it's presence felt but not heavy enough to drench you ... that's right about perfect. You can see rain-mist floating in the air and you're walking through the fog. Not to mention my backyard which is getting the soaking it needed. I haven't watered it in over three weeks. My water bill was absurdly high but that's what you get for wanting a green lawn.

Anyhow, coupled with that fantastic weather, we were off to the Fraze Pavilion which is a great place in Dayton to have fun. It has an open theater and some really good performers are there sometimes. We went there and walked around the fountains with a little known country band playing live music in the background. Definitely a place to go during summer. While we were there, there was this lady with a spinning wheel that had various numbers on it. Each number represented a coupon from Friendly's restaurant. Guess what Noddy won - a 96 oz box of ice cream free! She was ecstatic - for two reasons - first she loves ice-cream and secondly she loves Friendly's ice cream. Predictably enough, our Fraze Pavilion trip had to be aborted due to the get-free-ice cream emergency that hit Noddy. The nearest Friendly's happened to be on the way home, so a quick stop was made and a much happier Noddy was being driven home by me.

Things at work are starting to mount up. Morale is becoming a serious issue in my group and it's assuming epidemic like proportions. People aren't sure what they do there anymore and they're feeling like each day is a pointless exercise of watching the clock tick past 5 pm. That's definitely a sure sign of productivity falling off the precipice and that's exactly where we're heading for the rest of the year. The problem with these things is, you can't really tell anything to anyone. If I discuss employee morale with some manager and they decide to approach the employees, the employees will deny any morale problems whatsoever... job security reasons there. So I'm not going to bother much about it. But it's concerning nonetheless. I wish someone could help....I just don't know what.

'nuff said ...


Blogger Denise said...

We had the rain, too. In spots. large spots, here and there, so bad we couldn't drive the freeway, until we got to a sunny spot. Then it was so humid we couldn't breath. Then it rained another spot, and so on...It's still this way...
Noddy, you are a woman after my own heart!!! (I, however, am very partial to "Moose Tracks", but I haven't seen it here yet.)

12:57 AM  
Blogger Archana said...

Oh its awesome weather here too.....rainy evenings, gloomy mornings...all because of the monsoons.

2:51 AM  

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