Friday, July 29, 2005

More pictures....and some interesting stuff to look forward to

Continuing to post pictures about the floods in Bombay (see my previous post about this) these are two pictures provided by my friend Sajid. One is of people walking on railway tracks because trains are shut off. The tracks themselves are on a bridge so you can see how desperate things can be if you have to walk in a single file on tracks on a bridge. This is the spirit of Bombay - the city and it's people will NEVER give up. Life will not stop and people will never back down. The second picture is of a bus drowning in water. The picture is misleading because it gives you the impression that the entire city had such high water levels. But it's only certain areas where water was deep enough to drown a bus. Other areas were still heavily flooded but not as bad --- bad enough nevertheless.
On an entirely different note, this week is going to be exciting. For some very very very odd reason, I am excited about my birthday. This isn't even special. I'm not hitting landmark any landmarks such as 30 or 40 yet it's strangely very exciting. I'm not sure why but then again, if something makes me happy and I don't know why, I'm completely okay with it. Happiness is always welcome !!
I have two surprises to share with everyone. One will be next week and one will be the week after that. For both these surprises, I shall post pictures. One picture per surprise. :-) ... maybe THAT's why I'm so looking forward to next week anyway.



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