Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Republicans are bad? At least Indians shouldn't say so.

A lot of Indians are against things that George Bush does. They call him ignorant and unaware of what is going on around the world. They call him too stupid to know what to do with domestic policies and are against the Republicans in general. Indians really liked Bill Clinton. I really don't want to assume things because if you're not in the government you DO NOT know the government. Everything is a smoke screen. But here are a few things that I'd like to remind Indians about....things that are happening right now in the United States and Indians call them wrong but yet the same things in India are AOK.

Republicans are mixing the Church and the State:

We had a BJP government in the center for almost 8-10 years until 2004. Think back on what the BJP stands for and what it's origins are and who it's members are. It is firmly a Hindu Nationalist Party. It was created by members of VHP which is an out and out religiously fundamentalist Hindu organization. BJP leaders who actually hold government positions give out statements about how the Babri mosque should be demolished and a Ram temple needs to be resurrected there. So riddle me this....does that sound secular and a separation of religion and State? Not really. Republicans and Democrats aren't parties that are based on religion. We think that THEY mix Church and State and yet here we are in India rejoicing when BJP got to be the ruling party when we thoroughly knew that they are not only mixing religion and state but also are proud of doing so.

Republicans are anti-abortionists:

Once again lets look in the mirror. Where do we Indians stand on this? If you're from a metropolitan city and think that your ideas and culture represent the whole of India, you are sorely mistaken. The rural India is still about 100 years behind lifestyle in a city like Bombay or Delhi. In rural villages in India, there are instances of abortion where the abortion happened because the baby was a girl and that's a big liability. Abortion is done irresponsibly enough that it sometimes endangers the health of the mother, yet , no care for that ... lets abort the baby because it's a girl and that's a problem. What I'm getting at is, in India you DO have abortion rights and what does that buy us? Abuse of the female sex. Again, don't even start to tell me ..well it doesn't happen in metropolitan areas. Real Indian life does not happen in cities like Bombay. It happens in rural villages where you have to walk 4 kilometres for water and electricity is unknown or a rare occurrence.

Republicans are pro-industry and anti-union:

I find this very funny especially coming from citizens of my country. Reason being, we openly acknowledge bribes being a key method of getting work done in India. Bribes are used to gain political mileage and various other things. BJP , Congress and other such parties get millions of dollars in "donations" from industry bigwigs like Reliance, Tata, Bharat Petroleum and others. Not just that, the underworld contributes it's fair share too just so that they have the leverage that they need. We know all this for a fact and yet we have the gall to say that the pro-industry approach of Republicans is a bad idea? If you're a business owner in India, chances are that you have bribed someone at some point for business benefits and have participated in tax evasion at the business level. How does all that work? It works because the system allows the person with financial muscle to buy his way to the front of the line. The common man continues to stand at the back of the queue. So lets not get on Republicans to be pro-industry. A lot of our industries actually have strong say in government policies.

Republicans are not racially sensitive to minorities:

Oh umm...yeah the last time I remember, we had religious riots in 1993 all over the country and then again in 2002/3 in Gujarat. Those riots were politically incited for sure because Hindus and Muslims have been living together for 50 years or so. Anyway, my point is ... lets look back at the last Black v/s White riots in USA. There were Blacks who rioted in downtown LA and Chicago for Black killings by police officers. But I lived through the 1993 riots in Bombay so I have a benchmark to compare against. I want to see cars burned with people inside them. I want to see shops set on fire. I want to see gasoline poured on entire families and set alight. That's what my city was like in 1993 and it tore me apart to see that. Show me that and compare that to what we had in India. Also, show me where in the American education system and Government system are there 33% reservations for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. Nowhere...it's a merit based system. There are reservations for blacks and minorities but not 33% of the entire government sector including jobs , education, health, petrol pump allocations and everything else that comes to mind. So if we've got our own history that we aren't very proud of, lets not point fingers at others who might have an equally or less miserable track record compared to us.

Republicans are anti-gay and anti-lesbians:

I'd just like to say one thing here. You think we in India are pro-gay and pro-lesbian? If you answer yes...let me know of some rights that homosexuals in India enjoy. Point me to some instances where we have gay-pride parades there or gay marriages or something that at least puts us in equivalence to rights enjoyed by homosexuals here. Get real people. We treat transvestites worse than dogs back home. Homosexuality is a taboo we do NOT speak of back home. Show me a proud homosexual father in an Indian village. I'll show you 10 over here in a small city like Dayton.

All in all, I'm not defending Republicans or Americans or anything that either of those stand for. Hell I don't even have a right to vote in this country, so really it doesn't matter what I think. I'm not part of the electorate. I'm just saying that before we criticize, lets look at ourselves. If we think that the points noted above are their fallacies....we've got the exact same or similar things going on back home. If it's not right here, then it's not right there and consequently you cannot point fingers at these people. At least be fair in your criticisms.


Blogger book_worm said...

I don't think that people dislike George Bush beacuse he is a republican and they have a problem with his republican beliefs.

The main reason I dislike Geogre Bush is because he attacked and initiated mass killings in a country of innocent people claiming to find weapons of mass destruction which never existed.

8:18 AM  
Blogger Sheeshers said...

Yeah knowing you I can say that you had other problems with him that have nothing to do with the issues listed here. I was trying to address Indians who criticize the current government, and trust me I've met many of those.

9:27 AM  

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