Friday, July 22, 2005

So here I am once more on Friday. I really really am getting frustrated at how little I am getting to blog. It's just not enough and there's so much to write about everyday. But work has been crazy. It's affecting personal life too , and I keep telling myself that this is just a phase. I know it's just a phase but it's hard to come back and justify to Noddy that three weeks of coming home and continuing to work or coming home around midnight from work is a "phase". If one more week goes by like this, that'll be four weeks in a row and at that point I'm about ready to ask for some compensatory vacation. Work is just getting too hectic and things at work aren't looking good either. So all of that is adding up, tempers are flaring, people are getting mad at each other (including me) and the whole situation is just real rough. We'll see how that pans out but you can see why I would have lots to rant about everyday.

Okay now to the main topic - two types of people who irritate me. People who drive at speed limits in a one lane street AND they know that there are eight cars right behind them trying to push them along. I think if you're the only one driving on a one lane street, you can drive at whatever speed you want or you can even stop if you feel like. But at 8:20 am, my morning is practically ruined by following a beat up Ford that is going 35 mph in a 35 mph zone in a one lane road that goes for about eight miles. That is going to kill me. I just do not have the patience to sit behind the wheel and follow these people. Sometimes I do it without stressing myself out but c'mon ... it's office rush hour ... everyone's trying to get somewhere (well almost everyone) so the lady with the poodle taking the dog for a manicure needs to stay off the street. Maybe they should make laws such as those. From 6:00 am to 9:00 am, the only people allowed on roads are walkers, joggers, people dropping kids off to school or office-goers in cars - emergencies and hospital visits are of course exempt. Nobody else!! That's Sheeshers rule. No wonder I am (and never will be) in any position of authority. I make absurd rules.

We're now in Merrilville, Indiana visiting a friend of ours. Shultz is a regular and avid reader of the blog and will occasionally comment. From here, we're off tomorrow morning to Chicago to see some relatives. Sunday we head back to Dayton. The drive up here was horrendous. It looks like everyone was going somewhere, and this isn't even a long weekend or a holiday weekend or anything. We were stuck in a traffic jam just outside of Indianapolis for an hour. That was just beautiful.

Sorry for this very very sour blog. Things have been piling up and I need to get stuff out. So there it was. Happy days are stowed away in future.

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Blogger Denise said...

Breathe in to the count of, two, three, four. Okay, hold it...hold it...good. Now, slooooowly let it out, one, two, three, four, five...
Happy place. Don't forget the happy place.

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sheeshers, I second Karim and Denise's advice. Breeeeeeeeeeathe...
Think Green BP Gas stations...
(my special brand of color-coded directions)
Also, look forward to an upcoming birthday!!


8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Breathe in, breathe out, wax on, wax off (car, shoes, a balding head - who cares) it works!

5:27 PM  

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