Sunday, July 10, 2005

Ugh Ugh !! Phew !!

What a week this has been. The long weekend was awesome and I was looking forward to the four day week. Yeah, so much for that beautiful dream. I worked over 40 hours in those four days - so it pooped me out even more than the usual work week. It was extremely hectic at work and next week looks better but I suspect the usual chaos shall prevail. The week has whizzed past and I ended up on this weekend. Blogging continues to suffer. Email checking continues to suffer as well so I'm sure some friends are wondering if I actually care to read their emails. Sorry folks - will get back on track for SURE this week.

By the way, if you're ever in Ohio to celebrate the 4th of July, just buy your fireworks outside of Ohio. I made the mistake of going to a local superstore to buy what they called "fireworks" and we lighted them when our friends came over on Monday evening. Okay first of all - they should really be called smokeworks. The 'fire' part was missing except for the first couple of seconds when you're holding a flame to the smoking device. After that, it lights up to indicate to you that it is functioning and then the spark quickly dies out to give you brightly colored smoke ... wow!! How exciting and breathtaking is colored smoke. Ideal fireworks material. Okay so you get the picture. All of them were things I would easily let my pets play with. You couldn't burn yourself even if you tried -- there WAS no fire in them ergo, no burning while carelessly lighting.

Big news of the week - London bomb blasts. More innocent lives lost. No terrorists were reported as victims of the blasts; just innocent bystanders or office-goers. The mindless war continues across the world. A word of advice to terrorists -- killing innocent people around the world does nothing to further your cause. It only angers the common man because you're making his life insecure and the common man does not like that. If you want to fight, take the fight to the enemy. Don't bring it to men, women and children who do nothing to you and your families. If an American soldier has killed your 10 year old child, then killing a 10 year old American will solve NOTHING. Don't do it. It's wrong and it will cause more anger and vengeance. I say this out of experience of what has been happening in my country in Kashmir for the past 12 years. No good has come out of that. Nobody feels victorious about Kashmir and most importantly the Kashmiris themselves are extremely fed-up. Hindus against Muslims, Christians against Muslims --- c'mon , it doesn't take a diploma to realize that underneath the religious facade, it's simple one human mindlessly pitted against another. Religion doesn't make you any better than your natural biological self, so accept that and look at other people as you would look at your own.

Okay off the soap box now. Just paid $2.28 per gallon for gas. The prices are now coming to what they really should be. SUV owners, beware. Gas prices are going to go up a little further in the near future since it's summer and Americans like to be on the road in summer.

I have noticed that fellow bloggers have stopped uploading pictures - Will and Archana in particular ... hmm... must be a phase I guess. I hope pictorial blogging comes back on their blogs. It's really cool.


Blogger Archana said...

Hey Sheesh,
How are you? Better add you up to the list too...I havent seen any pictures after spunky! I would have asked "Is there anything at all that you want from India?" but, but, but knowing that your in-laws have already got in a lot of things, I am not going to ask you :P :P London blasts....scared me to death for 4 hours. Han was in London all that time...its all terrible :(

12:32 PM  
Blogger Denise said...

Welcome back!
About the bombing in London, it's too bad the terrorists "don't get it"!
About the gas thing...MAN, I'm tired of that! It's gone up about 40 cents in the last month or two. What happened to the US reserves of oil and such?

12:13 AM  

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