Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Not blogging very well at all...

..cos work is hectic and lots is going on. So here's a whirlwind post talking about various severely disconnected and largely irrelevant topics.

I can't blog much about work but here's something important to note. ANOTHER person quit the company, emphasis on the first word there. The reasons are known but cannot be put on this blog. If you ever meet me in a bar, let me know if you want to know.

On a positive note, CNN said that environmental experts are reporting a stoppage in the ozone layer shrinking. So we're not going to lose all our ozone after all.

Gas is 3 dollars a gallon. Expect it to climb more. See this post for remedies if you're complaining about it.

See this video on how the world is going to end.....made by a Californian. See it multiple times because you have to read the text and understand that accent too. Took me three or four times before it appeared to be funny.

Hurricane Katrina hit the US and New Orleans has practically drowned. Feels like Bombay there I'm sure, but only that they got all that rain in 24 hours and Bombay got it in a week. So it's a bit toughter for New Orleans than what it was for Bombay. Hope folks recover as soon as humanly possible.


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