Friday, August 19, 2005

Trivia about India...

5 Questions for those who are Indians and have lived in India for a significant amount of time.

1) How many states does India have?
2) Who is the Chief Minister of your State or Union Terrirory?
3) Who is the ruling party in your State Government or Union Territory?
4) Which State does Vishakhapattanam lie in?
5) Do Calcutta and Mumbai use the same time zone?

5 Questions for those who know something about the existence of a country called India:

1) What continent does India lie in?
2) What ocean surrounds the Indian peninsula?
3) Who is India's neighbor closest to it's Southern-most tip?
4) What's the Capital of India?
5) What type of government is in India? e.g: A communist, a dictatorship, a democracy, a kingdom .. etc etc..

If you're a fair player, no Googling, no checking or asking around and definitely NO posting your answers here. Let everyone take a shot at it. You may choose to post your score if you like. I got 4 out of 5 on the first section and all 5 on the next one. The bottom 5 are easy for Indians to get because I had to ensure that the bottom five would be questions that Indians have lived with but they also give a fair shot to non-Indians. The top 5 are anybody's game. I didn't come up with these questions. Someone forwarded me an Indian Independence Day Trivia e-mail that had these questions in there.

Enjoy and good luck!


Blogger Archana said...

I was just about to post the answers here. I hadnt read the third soon as I saw those questions I started answering. And the score? You know that.... :D

6:34 AM  

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