Friday, September 02, 2005

Having a chat conversation...and just that.

First there were some clinky messenger tools - hard to use, limited capabilities etc etc. Then funky stuff like MSN Messenger , Yahoo Messenger and others came along and added bells and whistles. Now, in an instant message tool, you can check weather, local stocks, this that ...everything. But the REAL reason you installed it was to chat isn't it? Most of us don't install MSN Messenger to check stocks. We install it to send instant messages and now it has evolved into this behemoth beastly thing of which instant messaging is a small part.

Similar case with cell phones. We need cell phones for clear conversations with others. Instead, now we can do web browsing, picture messaging, text messaging, teeny camera thingies, and a gazillion other things that have NOTHING to do with calling someone using a cell phone. Again, manufacturers lost sight of the core reason for people having that device.

Enter "Google Talk" ... which is Google's chat messenger offering. I installed it thinking, oh no, here comes ANOTHER chat messenger. After I installed it, I noticed something very very different. It does nothing but CHAT !!!! How novel is that idea. Say, I installed a chat software that allows me to just chat. It does not allow you to have "display pictures" next to your name. It doesn't allow you to put "smileys" and it doesn't allow you to check the weather in your grandmother's bedroom to ensure it's not too hot and humid for her. But hey, it lets me chat beautifully and I absolutely love that about it. I would uninstall all my clunky trumpet messengers just to have Google Talk so I can "talk" to people without icons, without smileys and without weather information.

And if I need to check the weather in my grandma's bedroom I won't be using a chat software... I'll use which gives me JUST weather and does not provide ability to chat with others who might also be looking at weather.

I love tools that fulfill the very purpose for which they were created.


Anonymous Naughtomaton said...

Trillian is a chat only tool too. It allows you to use the MSN/Yahoo/ICQ/Google/etc. formats. And see all your contacts in one place.

It's nifty.

7:51 AM  
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