Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Improving bovine relations with our neighbor

As you might know (if you watch non-local news of any kind), India and Pakistan are improving relations with each other. They know if they nuke each other out then all that money the corrupt politicians have hoarded will be kinda wasted because they won't be alive to enjoy it.

Now, when countries like America and Russia improve relations, they talk about technology, defence, energy and business cooperation. India and Pakistan - understandably so - want to take baby steps instead of talking about all that big stuff. So we decided to see if we can come to an agreement about exporting cows, buffaloes and goats. If we can do that, then we'll see how we feel about exchanging maybe simple stationery equipment such as Scotch(TM) tape or pens and such..... baby steps.

Anyhoo, it doesn't stop there. India has taken the stance that it respects cows (Hindu religion) and Pakistan wants cows so that it can support it's needs for beef. Therefore, India cannot export cows because it offends religious sensitivities of the Hindu majority population. This is quite understandable because you try not to eat for lunch what you worshipped in the morning. However, what completely boggles my mind is that India is AOK and super cool with exporting beef !!

Think about that for a minute. So if it's a live cow, then we're real sorry we will not be sharing it with you. It shall instead loiter on our streets in a very respectable manner. But if it's a dead cow, well then it be damned we're going to ship it off and make some money off of what's left of it. Hmm...hypocrisy at it's funniest. So for non-Indians the lesson is, we really revere and are very sensitive about the live cows and the dead ones we put on Ebay plus shipping and handling charges.

In all due respect, if you revere the cow then respect it more in death than in life. If India takes the stance about not exporting cows for beef due to religious sensitivities, that's very agreeable. But be straight enough to take that stance in it's entirety and not just when the cow can actually breathe.

Bottomline, if you are worship the cow like crazy in the morning and eat beef-jerky as a snack then stop doing one of those two things....preferably the worshipping part because it's far more insulting than the beef-jerky part.


Blogger Archana said...

Cows are exported to other countries too right?? For slaughtering i.e?? Its quite annoying why it becomes an issue when it comes to Pak. Yes, double standards to a laughable extent let alone relationship improvement!
Hows Noddy?? Have you guys seen Salaam Namaste?? If not, I think both of you should go watch it.....a simple, pretty, romantic movie....if you disregard all the nonsense in b/w :)

2:42 PM  
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