Monday, October 03, 2005

Hurrinane Help...

But before that, a diversion as usual. Noddy is officially known as BigFoot at her workplace. They voted on several names and picked the most politically correct one for office use. We are on a movie watching spree. In the past couple of weeks, it's been a mix of old and new. Watched Airplane (liked it) last night. Watched Sin City (liked it), Longest Yard (liked it), Fever Pitch (Yuck!!), HitchHikers Guide (Yuck!!) and Guess Who (AOK). Yet to watch - Mr and Mrs. Smith, Corpse's Bride, FlightPlan, 40 Year Old Virgin, Journey of the Penguins. You know, I think the reason I didn't like HitchHikers Guide is because I didn't connect it with the culture. There's an entire generation that grew up on this stuff and the movie is a big hit with them. But if you don't have that background, you're going to be struggling to understand what the heck is the point behind the movie and why is it that funny. It's like -- if you didn't ever watch StarWars or don't know what that is, then you're not going to like SpaceBalls cos you just won't get the humor. Same thing with HitchHikers Guide...get the background before you watch. Sin City was similar but at least we got what the movie was about. It's based on a comics series as well.

Okay after that long digression...on to the main topic. My friend Sara is from Waveland, MS. She has posted pictures of her family's home completely flooded (you can see a refridgerator floating away). It's a mess. Anyhow, she's going there this weekend to help out in any way possible. They are donating their pickup to the firestation, polics...whoever needs it. They're also looking for donations such as used clothes or other stuff for which she has published a list. Personally, I think this is much better than contributing to Red Cross. There is no red tape, stuff gets to the needy folks DIRECTLY and you know you're making a difference. I'm sure she'll also be taking pictures with folks that she's helping out. Noddy and I are shipping her a box full of stuff tonight or tomorrow morning from here in Ohio. So even if you're not close to Redmond, WA (where she works for Microsoft), please see if there are ways you can contribute to her before she and her husband drive down there this coming weekend. It'll be a big help and you'll be reaching the people directly. Also, unlike Red Cross or Care USA, Sara will not spam you with one thousand other letters to you home address asking you to donate more and more money. That's the difference that an individual's efforts can make. Do check out her website to get more info.

Go SARA !!!!


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